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Elevate Your Property Business with Nong Wealth

Nong Wealth is here to revolutionize your property investment endeavors. Our Master Class sessions are your comprehensive solution as an aspiring property investor, tailored to identify your unique property needs, establish cashflow positive investment goals, and provide networking opportunities with industry experts. With individualized attention, these sessions can be conducted either through one-on-one Zoom meetings or in a boardroom setting in  Midrand/Randburg, exclusively for a select group of property investors, ensuring maximum benefit for all clients.

Key Outcomes that Ignite Your Property Journey:

  • Launch your property investment odyssey with clarity and confidence.
  • Unlock the doors to the elite “POWER TEAM” and elevate your investment game to pro-level.
  • Develop a sharp, expert’s eye for scrutinizing properties.
  • Discover the secrets to spotting lucrative deals that set you on the path to financial success.
  • Immerse yourself in dynamic role-play sessions to sharpen your negotiation prowess and make every deal a winning one.

Start your property investing journey with us

Property investment can be a daunting prospect, but with Nong Wealth by your side, you can invest with confidence. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, offering expert guidance and comprehensive consultation services to help you make informed decisions.

Meet the Visionaries: Neo Nong and Olebogeng Nong - Co-Founders

Nong Wealth, as a privately owned property investment company, has its sights set on a remarkable venture – the acquisition of prime real estate in the heart of South Africa. Our mission is simple yet profound: to transform your dreams of property ownership into a tangible reality.

At Nong Wealth, we empower both aspiring and experienced property investors. We ensure our clients have a strong understanding of the property market, from the fundamentals of property investment to mastering the key financial metrics that influence buying and selling decisions. Our mission is to assist you in building a robust support network, which, in turn, catalyzes the growth of your business to its fullest potential. Embark on your path to property investment success by joining Nong Wealth today.

Nong Wealth is on a mission to take the lead in South Africa’s property education market. Our workshops offer powerful and insightful sessions designed to inspire you to not only expand your property portfolio but also introduce you to our unique approach to property investing. Join us on this journey and unlock your potential in the world of property investment.


PROPERTY investing workshop

Discover the Power of Property with Nong Wealth. Study at your won pace!


Booking a Zoom consultation with us is easy.

If none of the available times work for you, please send an email to info@nongwealth.co.za, indicating your preferred date and time. We’ll get back to you via email to confirm your booking or suggest an alternative date and time. Just for 40 minutes.

Upcoming Events

Join us as we delve into the world of property investment, education, and growth. Get ready to enhance your knowledge and take your property investment journey to new heights. Press the ” Buy Ticket ” for details and registration information.








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Client Success Stories

Our success is showcased through the achievements of our diverse clientele, comprising individual investors, couples, and joint ventures. Throughout the years, we’ve empowered our clients to identify lucrative investment opportunities, optimize their portfolios, and confidently navigate market uncertainties. Their success stories are a testament to our steadfast commitment to delivering sustainable and profitable investment solutions.

Some of the Clients

What They Say


My experience with Neo and Lebo has been amazing. They are patient, very knowledgeable and they make everything as practical as possible. After a few meetings with them, you start thinking and feeling like a professional property investor.

Mr Tumelo



It makes such a difference to have someone who has actually walked the property-investing journey on your side as you embark on your own. What made mine even more interesting was the link and integration between theory and actual deals, the practical session were priceless. I really appreciate Nong Wealth’s teaching and mentorship method, the support and motivation was fantastic and it could not have come at a better time in my property journey. Thank you so much.

Ms Zukiswa

Cape Town


I eagerly embraced the challenge of the online master course and received outstanding support. I actively sought guidance when needed, and the experience exceeded my expectations, equipping me with valuable property investing knowledge. This was made possible by individuals who understood and catered to my specific needs.

Ms Xoliswa

Kwa-Zulu Natal


Empowering individuals with practical knowledge on property investment through providing strategic consultation services that focus holistic property investing.

Real Estate Investing Basics

Basics to property investing as a business.

Flipping vs. Renting

Running numbers for flip and rent (using properties on the market).

Profitability Assessment

Finding profitable properties on the market.

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