About Us

Who We Are

Our Vision

To establish Nong Wealth as South Africa’s leading property investment company and extend top-notch property consultation services globally.

Our Mission

To empower individuals with practical knowledge of property investment by offering strategic consultation services that focus on holistic property investing.

Founders of Nong Wealth

Meet the Founders of Nong Wealth – Neo Nong and Lebo Nong, two visionary brothers and Honours Graduates from the University of Johannesburg, majoring in Public Management and Governance (PMG). Despite their PMG qualifications, Neo and Lebo were driven by a profound desire to make a direct and meaningful impact. Instead of pursuing careers in the public sector, they ventured into entrepreneurship.

Their entrepreneurial journey began with an e-hailing service company, where their aim was to accumulate wealth from a young age. Recognizing that e-hailing wasn’t the sustainable path they sought, the Nong brothers made a strategic pivot into property investment as their second business endeavor, which has proven to be a success.

As the founders of Nong Wealth, Neo and Lebo are highly skilled professionals with an intimate understanding of the local property market. Their dedication lies in providing practical and informative services to individuals interested in property investing, spanning from the fundamentals of property investment, setting up your first property as a business, all the way to scaling your property investments.

The Three Pillars of Nong Wealth


Our primary venture involves acquiring property investments in South Africa. As a privately owned company, we specialize in the residential facet of the real estate industry.


Our aspiration is to assume a leadership role within the South African property education landscape. Our InvestLikeAPro Workshops serve as a bastion of knowledge and inspiration, propelling the growth of your property portfolio. Furthermore, they provide access to Nong Wealth's distinctive approach to property investment.


Nong Wealth assists both aspiring and seasoned property investors in understanding the property market. We ensure that clients grasp the fundamentals of property investing, comprehend the financial metrics that influence buying and selling, and guide them in forming a supportive team to unlock their business's maximum potential.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to the central objective of ensuring that each client derives maximum value. Comprising a cohort of young professionals, we are unified by an unswerving commitment to disrupt the property market. Our primary goal is to assist aspiring property investors in the realization of their objectives.